Bet365 expands presence on Spanish market

The online casino industry is competitive and even those operators who have been around betvictorenglishnsp_141for a long time are no longer safe if they don’t improve their service.

Even when you are on the right track, you will eventually get run over if you simply sit there and Bet365 those that all too well.

In an attempt of staying one step ahead of the pack, they are introducing new features every year in all their sections, including the online casino.

Offering the best games and reliable service is extremely important, but sometimes casinos need to go out of their way to appeal to certain groups of players. Spanish members and those who speak this language enjoy preferential treatment, for the simple reason that they are extremely numerous.

Having native speakers helping them out whenever they get in touch with the customer support is just one of the advantages that players enjoy.
In an attempt of conquering the Spanish market, they teamed up with Playtech which is actively interested in establishing a dominant position in this newly regulated market.

Its licensees are going to benefit from the support of the software developer and they hope that by the end of 2015, they will be serving most of the local customers.

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, as Playtech is appreciated by existing members from all over the world and it has an impressive track record on a national level.

Many of the games will be launched on a special poker network, with multiple licensees to compete for customers in 2015 and beyond. Bet365 is just one of the partners, besides William Hill casino and Poker 770 and new operators are expected to tag along in a not so distant future. All the games run in browser, are available as downloadable content and also work smoothly on mobile phones and smart phones.

The Chief Executive at Playtech said that even though this is a very ambitious project and there are plenty of obstacles to overcome, company representatives are optimistic. They know that they offer a fully compliant poker room and online casino that is bound to appeal to Spanish players.

The software developer has every intention to stay in line with existing regulations and if past performance can be used as an indicator for future results, they are probably going to succeed.

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