Jackpot wins urge overnight at Dhoze Casino

Dhoze Casino continues its campaign of red hot bonuses, therefore making this summer even hotter. dhozelogoThe addition of new games is always a surefire recipe to attract more customers, from all walks of life.

Beginners are the ones who are more likely to check out new games, as veterans prefer to stick to the ones they know.

Having said this, if the bonuses are good enough even the savvy players will make the transition to these new games, even if for only a short while.

The latest titles that were added to their collection are all compatible with mobile devices. This is a trend that started a couple of years ago, when the online casino started to acknowledge the importance of mobile gambling.

They’ve got the resources, know-how and now the team working diligently to tweak the games. Furthermore, the software developers providing them with casino games are all trying to tap into the immense potential of mobile gambling.

When Pigs Fly is the latest game and not surprisingly it celebrates the achievements of some funny looking piglets. As they embark on an epic quest to find out who stole the jackpot, so do the players. This game belongs to the latest generation of video slots, featuring out of this world graphics and still working smoothly on all devices.

The fact that you don’t even need the latest gadgets to make the most of this game is only going to make it attractive to more customers.

As progressive jackpots go, the amount that can be won here is relatively small. The upside is that you don’t have to compete with players from other casinos, as the jackpot is not pooled across the network. That’s why, when the casino announced that someone won a jackpot worth more than €3000, this is still a reason to celebrate. Someone hits the winning combination with a minimal investment and prompted other players to pay attention to this new game.

Vera&John online casino did its part and promoted the game across all channels. However, nothing speaks louder than an actual win and this is exactly what the recently won bonus has achieved. It is going to take a bit longer and you someone else hits the winning combination and takes down the jackpot. On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about waiting months in a row because it is much easier to win this prize than a traditional progressive jackpot.

The casino has reputation of operating fast payouts, so the entire amount will be credited to the accounts of new winners quickly. The nice diversity of payment methods and financial instruments available makes it even more tempting to start spinning the reels.

Every now and then the casino will offer free spins to those who focus on selected games so you could win even more money for free.

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