Ladbrokes’ announcement

Ladbrokes’ announcement was made for the first time in February and since then, major steps have been made, so the committee is already ready to operate, Guts casino.

It will all begin in 2015 and from that point onward, it is expected to aid the regulators, by making use of the data collected as a result of using the indicators, Casinos online

Furthermore, the company has doubled its efforts to promote reasonable gambling online and in television, being the first in the United Kingdom to run a television commercial.

Erskine also said that the measure is supposed to restore confidence in bookies, a trust that was negatively impacted:

« It is clear that trust in bookmakers has been impacted by negative publicity and lobbying in the last year, and while we may believe that much of the concern is ill founded, we accept that it is only by our actions will be able to win it back.

The Social Responsibility Committee, chaired by John Kelly with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the gambling industry, is a significant step in this process. »

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