Students lose their education loans to Casino slots

Gambling addiction is a real problem that students are struggling with today in universities in the entire world. The students who mostly are given loans to facilitate their fees for their degree courses get enticed to gamble it at online casinos.

A student admitted that the students get enticed to continue with the behavior, as you begin the practice you win big prices that make you think that you will be winning every time you attempt and that is not always the truth. As gambling addiction sets in, the urge to gamble becomes irresistible and a student will continue to gamble with his education loan whether he wins or not.

« I had always had a bit of a problem with gambling, » admits one student. « When you start your degree they give you a big pot of money and you just think, wow! »

According to a study dubbed “Save the Student” most of the students join the practice in an attempt to make money to supplement their ever growing financial needs.

The study sates that about 20 percent of university students had tried gambling in college with their education loan.

The study warned that student with online gambling were to face greater risk than just a mere financial loss. Gambling addiction is considered to be causing very adverse health effects. The problem might also lead a student to drugs when seeking ways to release the tension that comes with persistent losses at the casino slots. Students who are addicted to gambling also spent much time on the internet than they would doing educational research and that in turn leads to poor academic performance.

The students who were addicted to gambling also had no sound relationship with the lecturers as they mostly miss lecture sessions, do not do assignments or in the least are always late with their assignments. Making it hard for them to learn favorably.

Most students will gamble large amounts of money in a bid to make more money and they mainly do this immediately they receive their student’s loans. When their plan does not bear fruits they become broke and depressed hence they will not study as they would normally. Here is what a student who dropped out said:

« After receiving my student loan payment one day, I took a large chunk of it and decided to have a really good go at making some money online. »

I got on to a winning streak, and before I knew it I had thousands in my gambling account. Unfortunately I was only allowed to make small withdrawals per day, and when I went back to the site the following day to make the next withdrawal, I decided to see if my luck was still in. I lost my remaining funds within an hour.

« My head was in my hands. I was gutted. I thought my money worries were over, and I was thinking about buying a holiday. I had been shopping that morning and spent £300 on a new wardrobe. »

The very same students agreed that gambling did not only affect his finances but also his ability to study.

« Gambling caused me a lot of problems with my degree. While my friends were in the library, I would be in the bookies trying to win money. I wouldn’t say it was the only reason I didn’t finish my course, but it was certainly a big contributor. »


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