The dark side of the CasinoHuone and Coral merger

CasinoHuone  and Coral are going to join forces to create a more powerful gambling group. This was Capture d’écran 2017-03-07 à 21.54.02necessary in order to deal with the challenges posed by smaller casinos and bookmakers.

These bring new elements to the table and know exactly what needs to be done to challenge the industry leaders. Some of them are successful and this prompted the top players to think about the plan to maintain their dominance.

At the first glance, this move has plenty of beneficial consequences, with players being overall happy with the changes made. For starters, they are going to enjoy the combined collection of games if they spend time browsing the online casino. More software developers are now providing different video slots, table games and pokers, so options are more numerous. Mobile gambling was promoted by both casinos, so it is only fair to assume that the new entity is going to continue this trend.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of reasons for concern, at least for those who work for one of the two gambling groups. CasinoHuone  and Coral have plenty of employees and they are generally happy with the conditions offered, but this could change pretty fast. With so many people working for two distinct companies that have now words, it’s likely that some of them will have to go. Nobody knows for sure how many people are going to be laid off but the best case scenario is for half of them to leave.

With Christmas looming, this is the worst possible news for those who have a position here. Since there was no official statement made by the representatives of other companies, these are still nothing more than rumors. The labor force is energy and has good reasons to be concerned, regardless of how significant the impact of these moves will be. Gala Coral chief executive Carl Leaver was the first to sound the alarm a couple of days ago after sending an email to employees.

The good news is that those who will have to leave the new gambling group will be lavishly compensated. They will receive at least eight salaries and up to 40 salaries, so this should give them a fighting chance until they find a new job. Casino representatives are also quick to announce the fact that the decisions will be made solely on merit. In a nutshell, those who deserve to stay are going to be kept, so even those newly hired have a decent shot.

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